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What kind of dog is that?

Chesky is a Hungarian Vizsla, a bird dog. You can find more information on him here.

What year is the trailer?

"Rucio" is a 2015 build of a 1961 Shasta model. You can find more information on the trailer here.

How long have you been out?

We left Houston on September 6, and plan to finish in early December. I write weekly summaries on our progress, or you can keep an eye on our Instagram.

Where are you going next?

For safety, I don't like to post where I will be tomorrow, but I can say I am loosely following John Steinbeck's 1960 trip around America. You can see a map of his adventure here.

How do I send you money?

A few kindly souls have asked, and anything is much appreciated! Please find information on donations here. You can buy Chesky dog food or donate to the overall trip. Any press inquiries or requests for speaking engagements should be sent through my contact page.

What do you like to read?

My favorite travel author is Bill Bryson; he's the only writer who can bring me to sobbing bouts of laughter. I can't read him in public. I like Notes From a Small Island and the Road to Little Dribbling, mostly because I spent a lot of time in the United Kingdom myself and understand some of his hardships.

The last books I have enjoyed are in the Amazon ads below (last updated 13 Jul).


Frequently Asked Questions

Where did you get your business cards?

I use Moo Cards for my business cards. (referral link)

How can I help?

My overall goal is to write a book. In order to get interest from a publisher, I need to attract readers. To help, tell your friends about us! Please promote the Travels With Chesky website by linking to any one of the pages in this website or to the social network sites below.

You can also provide moral support! I'd love to hear from you if you're interested in the trip.

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Chesky the Hungarian Vizsla puppy
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