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Shasta Airflyte 
Chesky the Hungarian Vizsla puppy

My home away from home is a 16 foot Shasta "Reissue" of a 1961 Airflyte, colored "Matador Red" and named after a mule.  The Airflyte is a replica of the very popular "canned ham" trailers, and the kind of thing Steinbeck would have seen on the road during his journey. Although the trailer has a vintage shape, it has modern comforts to include lights, climate control, a kitchen complete with a large fridge, and a teeny tiny bathroom. Shasta produced only 1,941 of these replica trailers to commemorate the company's 75th anniversary.  


Because Rucio doesn’t move on its own and kicks and pulls like a mule, I opted to name it after the mount of Sancho Panza, Don Quixote's sidekick. ​(John Steinbeck named his rig after Don Quixote’s horse.)

For more details on shopping for a trailer and why I chose this one, head over to the blog.

I purchased Rucio used from a RV consignment dealer in San Antonio, so I had to rely on the Internet and YouTube for information on my new home. Mount Comfort RV does an excellent interior and exterior walk-through of the trailer to understand specifications and maintenance concerns. For more information on the trailer and the ups and downs of trailer ownership, check out my blog posts.

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