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3. Click on affiliate links 


If you're going to buy something from Amazon anyway, start from my site. I get paid a few pennies if I direct you to Amazon and you buy something as a result of it. If you need business cards, Moo Cards will return a bit of my money to me if you order through them. Every little bit counts! 


How to Show Us Love

A few people have reached out to request a way to donate something to the cause, so here's how:

1. Spread the word.

Tell others about Travels With Chesky through social networking. This doesn't cost anything and is very helpful! My primary goal is to generate enough interest so a publisher will print my book, so every visitor to the site is most appreciated.

2. Donate cold cash.


Donation via Paypal:



This money will go towards necessities, such as dog food for Chesky, gas, and campground and park entry fees. If you would like to donate for a specific need, please let me know in the contact page.

If I get more than I need, I will donate the money to a worthy cause, such as dog food for a shelter or new shoes for impoverished children.

Chesky the Hungarian Vizsla puppy
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