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While friendly and lovable at home, Vizslas are excellent guard dogs and aloof with strangers. Chesky reacts with nervous suspicion to new people, and prefers a tentative sniff before engagement. Vizslas are exceptionally lovable dogs, but they have to know and accept any new person first.

​Vizslas are very gentle with other animals in the family. Chesky and his little brother, Fitzroy, have spent hours trying to learn interspecies games. Chesky often gets scratched and Fitz sometimes get squished, but somehow they have worked it out. Despite several disagreements about who was going to sleep in which bed, they have become best friends.


Hungarian Vizsla

Chesky was born in May 2015 in Fredericksburg, Virginia to Upland Vizslas, one of eleven puppies in the litter. ​He is named for Český Krumlov, a medieval town in the southern Czech Republic. "Chesky" means "Bohemian", referring to the kingdom once encompassing Hungary and the modern day Czech Republic. We liked the way it sounded, and Chesky responds well to the distinctive clicking of his name.

Viszlas were first recognized in 1960 by the America Kennel Club, the same year Steinbeck took his journey. Like many in his breed, Chesky is mild mannered, sweet, a little goofy, and full of energy. He likes to snuggle, to chase birds and lizards, and most of all, to run.


Every day, he needs to go full throttle for at least five minutes. This will be one my of greatest challenges on the road.

Chesky the Hungarian Vizsla puppy
Ear grab
Chesky settles for the small bed

When I was a kid, my family had a high-strung Vizsla who spent every second of a car ride licking the inside of the windows. In contrast, Chesky loves to nap in the car. He's going to be an amazing companion for a long road trip.

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